Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Okay so I haven't posted in like a whole year or something
and I'm sorry!
but I just spent aaaages figuring out my password because I wanted to post about this!

(why does my hand always look weird in photos?)

Anyway, this stuff's amazing!! 
It's a hair mask~ pretty basic I suppose. 
You just apply however much you need (depending on how think or damaged your hair is), massage your hair and scalp, leave it on for about 5 minutes (I left mine on for a lot longer cause my hair's pretty damaged) and then rinse out your hair.

Essential really focuses on and emphasizes the repairing the bottom 15 centimeters of your hair because it's the most damaged. Lol like, the ads for it in Taiwan are all like "15公分的秘密!!" which literally translates to "the secret of 15 centimeters!"
So you might wanna apply extra on the ends of your hair. 
I did, the ends of my hair are like straw =__="
(I'll post about my hair at a later date.)

I didn't really notice all that much of a difference after I'd rinsed my hair and dried it etc but the next day i suddenly realized that my hair was SO SOFT. Even the ends of my hair looked shinier.

I was, like, in complete awe lol. Also because of how soft was (I think) my hair looked really nice and fell in this really lovely way so that the layers were all really apparent. I didn't need to straighten my hair like normally. I think my bangs (fringe?) looked especially nice cause they were all puffy and spiky like normally^^

The texture:

It's quite creamy, not runny or sticky and applies to your hair really smoothly.
oh, and it smells AMAZING
well, I like it a lot ^^;

I got my tub of this in Taiwan so I'm gonna be really heartbroken when it runs out!! But it's 200g... So I'm pretty sure it won't run out THAT quickly. I think I'll try to con my brother into bringing another tub back to nz for me.
If you wanna try it~ you can get it at sasa.com ^^ here's the link: http://web1.sasa.com/SasaWeb/eng/product/viewProductDetail.jspa?itemno=104405202001

try it try it try it try it!! *nudge*

So anyway, cause my hair looked so nice I couldn't resist putting on some makeup (just eyeliner and mascara) and camwhoring a little =p

The last one's edited (as you can probably tell) with this app on iphone called 美图秀秀 with the 炫彩LOMO filter (in case you wanted to know)

And I know, I know, I should work on my photo expressions. I always just have that one smile. lol.

Okay, you're probably sick of my and my photos of me now... 
so I'll go do my assignment now... 
I'll be back!
*dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun*