Saturday, March 31, 2012

So i did a 2 week no jeans challenge

Yea, I pretty much have no sense of style or fashion... And I wear jeans almost everyday.. since i own like 5+ pairs.. and well, I'm always being called a man. IF ONLY THEY KNEW ABOUT THIS BLOG! lol seee I'm super girly! 

Aaaaanyway.. here are my outfits over the last two weeks. it was pretty hard tbh... i DID cheat 2 of of 14 days though, since I stayed home in my pyjamas those days.. but still! I consider it an achievement! But I was actually SUPER relieved when it was over.. 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


Day 7 (Lazy day in bed lolol)

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10 (stayed home in my pyjamas AGAIN)

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14


so yea.. this is actually a pretty accurate summary of the kind of clothes i own.. i think i need to revamp my wardrobe.. i still kinda dress like a kid ._.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

My nail favourites for February

OPI "Cha-ching Cherry"

OPI "Panda-monium Pink" and "Teenage dream" 

Essie "Boat house"

Essie "Coat Azure"
This last one I just bought a couple of days ago~ so it shouldn't go into this february post but I love it so much!! ahhh!! hehe ^^ cause I live in nz and we're heading into Autumn unlike the rest of the world who are heading into spring ): so I thought this blue colour would suit the gloomy days to come..><" the weather's been pretty bad these couple of days~ 

Hehe I love this app I use to put these pictures together~ it's called "gifs r us" (:


Friday, February 17, 2012

Decided to air dry my hair for the rest of the month

I'm currently trying to fix my damaged hair and although the shampoos and hair masks and serums seem to be helping, I want to do more!
Lol I'm really impatient....
I don't straighten or curl my hair often so I don't use extra heat on it but I do use a hairdryer on a daily basis. This is mostly because my mummy had scolded me my whole life about leaving hair wet after I've washed it. She says I'll get chronic headaches when I'm older or that I'll catch cold.
But I think I'm going to try using no heat on it at all and see how it goes. I suppose if i don't blow dry it into shape my hair will be a little messier than usual but I think I can live with that.

Also, I just started using Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Shampoo and Conditoner a couple of days ago and, I'm so surprised, I really like it! I think it actually helps my hair stay straighter and it even seems softer.

(sorry for the horrible photo quality. I used my webcam and it's quite dark in my room. I just wanted to show you guys specifically which one I was talking about)

lol the reason I was so surprised was because usually these shampoos that claim to be specially formulated etc never actually work! At least not on my hair... I've tried the other herbal essences one in the blue bottles which is supposed to be especially mosturising and formulated for dry damaged hair but it didn't make my hair feel as smooth or as soft as this pink one does!

I know heaps of people who are trying to protect their hair opt for natural shampoos with no detergents and chemicals etc but I..... I guess I still like regular shampoos.. I like the lather haha...

Anyway, just a quick post, to keep myself from slacking off!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I organised all my makeup!!

Doesn't look like I've got THAT much right?? Haha... does that mean I'm allowed to buy more?

The white box has my bb creams, foundations and mascaras and eyelash curler!
Blue bag: my eyeshadows - mostly duos and mini palettes, only got a couple of singles.
Brown box (it's actually a domo! hehe) my lip glosses and lipsticks...
Aaaaand... well... brushes. lol. Also hidden beneath them are my eyeliner pencils
I was suprised to find that I had less than 20 mascaras! lol I thought I had more... I was rather proud of myself... I told my friend and she just looked at me like "wtf are you talking about..."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Okay so I haven't posted in like a whole year or something
and I'm sorry!
but I just spent aaaages figuring out my password because I wanted to post about this!

(why does my hand always look weird in photos?)

Anyway, this stuff's amazing!! 
It's a hair mask~ pretty basic I suppose. 
You just apply however much you need (depending on how think or damaged your hair is), massage your hair and scalp, leave it on for about 5 minutes (I left mine on for a lot longer cause my hair's pretty damaged) and then rinse out your hair.

Essential really focuses on and emphasizes the repairing the bottom 15 centimeters of your hair because it's the most damaged. Lol like, the ads for it in Taiwan are all like "15公分的秘密!!" which literally translates to "the secret of 15 centimeters!"
So you might wanna apply extra on the ends of your hair. 
I did, the ends of my hair are like straw =__="
(I'll post about my hair at a later date.)

I didn't really notice all that much of a difference after I'd rinsed my hair and dried it etc but the next day i suddenly realized that my hair was SO SOFT. Even the ends of my hair looked shinier.

I was, like, in complete awe lol. Also because of how soft was (I think) my hair looked really nice and fell in this really lovely way so that the layers were all really apparent. I didn't need to straighten my hair like normally. I think my bangs (fringe?) looked especially nice cause they were all puffy and spiky like normally^^

The texture:

It's quite creamy, not runny or sticky and applies to your hair really smoothly.
oh, and it smells AMAZING
well, I like it a lot ^^;

I got my tub of this in Taiwan so I'm gonna be really heartbroken when it runs out!! But it's 200g... So I'm pretty sure it won't run out THAT quickly. I think I'll try to con my brother into bringing another tub back to nz for me.
If you wanna try it~ you can get it at ^^ here's the link:

try it try it try it try it!! *nudge*

So anyway, cause my hair looked so nice I couldn't resist putting on some makeup (just eyeliner and mascara) and camwhoring a little =p

The last one's edited (as you can probably tell) with this app on iphone called 美图秀秀 with the 炫彩LOMO filter (in case you wanted to know)

And I know, I know, I should work on my photo expressions. I always just have that one smile. lol.

Okay, you're probably sick of my and my photos of me now... 
so I'll go do my assignment now... 
I'll be back!
*dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun*



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anna Sui Lip Rouge G - Glossy

I have long been in love with Anna Sui cosmetics~
The packaging is SO pretty. It's so elaborate and princess-y (but in a slightly darker sort of way i suppose)
The thing is, Anna sui packaging sometimes seems (to me anyway) on the edge of tacky . But also not at the same time. They pull it off wonderfully...
O_o i'm not really making sense...


There are.. i think 15(?) colours in their 'Lip Rouge G - Glossy' range.
I have two of them..
In 302 and 300:

and with flash:

I'm really not the best photographer, am i? haha ^^;;;

They have the effect of lip glosses (i.e. making your lips really glossy) but aren't sticky like lipglosses often are. And that's really good (for me at least) 'cause i'm always getting my hair in my face.
They are scented.. although.. it's a really really really light sort of flowery smell... you barely notice it.
Since they're glossy but not sticky, it means it doesn't stay put on your lips.. you have to reapply it every so often.. it's not really like normal lipstick that you really expect to stay on for longer i guess...


ugh the skin on my wrist looks so dry lol..

and with flash:

As you can see, they're really sheer..
I have slightly darker coloured lips, so the colour isnt really all that prominent when i wear it by itself.
But they help give my lips a nicer coloured sheen =]
I wear it over matte lipstick sometimes (basically using it as gloss) so that my lips dont look too dry but also aren't overly glossy.

I have to admit i'm not the biggest fan of lip gloss because it's sticky and makes my lips look really fat.
haha~~ i suppose lots of people are always striving for plump lips? And achieving it with lipgloss? But.. i dont know...
me with extra plump lips just looks really odd
ughhh i have a fat lower lip that protrudes little so i look like i have an underbite.
and adding more volume to that...
well yea.. >___<""

here are some photos of the packaging cause it's so awesome:

it's heart shaped~!!

front and back.

I really do like these and would reccomment to people~
 but because they dont really give my lips too much colour, i might try another anna sui lipstick range next time instead of buying these again because although there ARE other colours i assume they're all really sheer.
I think these would definitely suit people with paler lip colours..

buuuuut what do i know~ i'm just a makeup noob, maybe i'm using them wrong?


Friday, September 24, 2010

The Body Shop: Limited Edition cheek & face powder

love love love! SO pretty
I couldn't resist buying it..
It retails for 45NZD...
boooo everything's expensive in New Zealand! >__<""
I got it in 'Chestnut'

(taken first with flash and then no flash - it's actually closer in colour to the picture taken with flash i dont know why normal daytime lighting makes it look so pink )

Is it not gorgeous??

the other shade that i didnt get is called 'Berry' and my friend (who is a blush fanatic) says it's kinda similar to MAC's Petticoat (which i really really wanted but missed out on 'cause i was broke when it came out TT"" )
So obviously, I really really wanted Berry as well... haha ^^;;;
Chestnut suited my skintone more so i went with that. Plus, i dont think i could justify buying both in one day, even to myself.
who knows, i might cave and just buy 'Berry' within a week or two =P


flasn and no flash again
right to left:  big leaves, medium leaves, tiny leaves, base/background and all over
sorry they're kinda blah (i.e. not vey good lol)

And i shall leave with a FOTD (well kinda. but not really. I didnt a 'look' as such. i just wanted to wear this product and take some photos ^^;;;;)

it gives my cheeks a nice pink glow~
and isn't overly shimmery (like i worried it would be)