Friday, February 17, 2012

Decided to air dry my hair for the rest of the month

I'm currently trying to fix my damaged hair and although the shampoos and hair masks and serums seem to be helping, I want to do more!
Lol I'm really impatient....
I don't straighten or curl my hair often so I don't use extra heat on it but I do use a hairdryer on a daily basis. This is mostly because my mummy had scolded me my whole life about leaving hair wet after I've washed it. She says I'll get chronic headaches when I'm older or that I'll catch cold.
But I think I'm going to try using no heat on it at all and see how it goes. I suppose if i don't blow dry it into shape my hair will be a little messier than usual but I think I can live with that.

Also, I just started using Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Shampoo and Conditoner a couple of days ago and, I'm so surprised, I really like it! I think it actually helps my hair stay straighter and it even seems softer.

(sorry for the horrible photo quality. I used my webcam and it's quite dark in my room. I just wanted to show you guys specifically which one I was talking about)

lol the reason I was so surprised was because usually these shampoos that claim to be specially formulated etc never actually work! At least not on my hair... I've tried the other herbal essences one in the blue bottles which is supposed to be especially mosturising and formulated for dry damaged hair but it didn't make my hair feel as smooth or as soft as this pink one does!

I know heaps of people who are trying to protect their hair opt for natural shampoos with no detergents and chemicals etc but I..... I guess I still like regular shampoos.. I like the lather haha...

Anyway, just a quick post, to keep myself from slacking off!


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