Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anna Sui Lip Rouge G - Glossy

I have long been in love with Anna Sui cosmetics~
The packaging is SO pretty. It's so elaborate and princess-y (but in a slightly darker sort of way i suppose)
The thing is, Anna sui packaging sometimes seems (to me anyway) on the edge of tacky . But also not at the same time. They pull it off wonderfully...
O_o i'm not really making sense...


There are.. i think 15(?) colours in their 'Lip Rouge G - Glossy' range.
I have two of them..
In 302 and 300:

and with flash:

I'm really not the best photographer, am i? haha ^^;;;

They have the effect of lip glosses (i.e. making your lips really glossy) but aren't sticky like lipglosses often are. And that's really good (for me at least) 'cause i'm always getting my hair in my face.
They are scented.. although.. it's a really really really light sort of flowery smell... you barely notice it.
Since they're glossy but not sticky, it means it doesn't stay put on your lips.. you have to reapply it every so often.. it's not really like normal lipstick that you really expect to stay on for longer i guess...


ugh the skin on my wrist looks so dry lol..

and with flash:

As you can see, they're really sheer..
I have slightly darker coloured lips, so the colour isnt really all that prominent when i wear it by itself.
But they help give my lips a nicer coloured sheen =]
I wear it over matte lipstick sometimes (basically using it as gloss) so that my lips dont look too dry but also aren't overly glossy.

I have to admit i'm not the biggest fan of lip gloss because it's sticky and makes my lips look really fat.
haha~~ i suppose lots of people are always striving for plump lips? And achieving it with lipgloss? But.. i dont know...
me with extra plump lips just looks really odd
ughhh i have a fat lower lip that protrudes little so i look like i have an underbite.
and adding more volume to that...
well yea.. >___<""

here are some photos of the packaging cause it's so awesome:

it's heart shaped~!!

front and back.

I really do like these and would reccomment to people~
 but because they dont really give my lips too much colour, i might try another anna sui lipstick range next time instead of buying these again because although there ARE other colours i assume they're all really sheer.
I think these would definitely suit people with paler lip colours..

buuuuut what do i know~ i'm just a makeup noob, maybe i'm using them wrong?



  1. You look pale like me! :P
    Love the nail polish girly! Thats the Zoya one yeah?

  2. love love the packaging!! its so adorable

  3. Anna Sui has the prettiest packaging ever !!! 300 looks so gorgeous :) thanks for the post

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