Friday, September 24, 2010

The Body Shop: Limited Edition cheek & face powder

love love love! SO pretty
I couldn't resist buying it..
It retails for 45NZD...
boooo everything's expensive in New Zealand! >__<""
I got it in 'Chestnut'

(taken first with flash and then no flash - it's actually closer in colour to the picture taken with flash i dont know why normal daytime lighting makes it look so pink )

Is it not gorgeous??

the other shade that i didnt get is called 'Berry' and my friend (who is a blush fanatic) says it's kinda similar to MAC's Petticoat (which i really really wanted but missed out on 'cause i was broke when it came out TT"" )
So obviously, I really really wanted Berry as well... haha ^^;;;
Chestnut suited my skintone more so i went with that. Plus, i dont think i could justify buying both in one day, even to myself.
who knows, i might cave and just buy 'Berry' within a week or two =P


flasn and no flash again
right to left:  big leaves, medium leaves, tiny leaves, base/background and all over
sorry they're kinda blah (i.e. not vey good lol)

And i shall leave with a FOTD (well kinda. but not really. I didnt a 'look' as such. i just wanted to wear this product and take some photos ^^;;;;)

it gives my cheeks a nice pink glow~
and isn't overly shimmery (like i worried it would be)



  1. Noo, now I want it even more! It looks so lovely on you though. Go on.. cave and get berry :P
    Yay, I was mentioned ^^

  2. i absolutely LOVE the Body Shop makeup products!!i'm going to have to try these next time im at the Body Shop. Thanks for the post :)