Monday, September 20, 2010

Herbacin Camomile glycerine handcream

So i'm not reall a fan of hand creams... 'cause i dont like that sticky greasy feeling on my hands and the fact that i can't touch my phone or my ipod of anything after i use hand cream. But yea, my hands are often kinda on the dry side..

BUT, my parents were in Germany earlier this year and my mum brought me back this hand cream.

It's supposedly quite famous and really good quality stuff.
So i thought i could give it a chance.
I actually really liked it.

-It absorbs really quickly so i don't have to worry about having greasy hands....
-It smells really really nice =]
-makes my hands feel softer and just really nice in general..
so i just found myself sitting there putting more and more of it on my hands... ^^;;;;
I also love the cute little tin
they have it in tubes as well..
this is a hand and nail cream:

but i prefer the tin =]
i'm going to be sad when it runs out =(



  1. Living in this part of Europe, I never knew Kamill is considered as a good brand outside here. Maybe I should pick up one and try tomorrow.

  2. You forgot to mention that it smells like amazing :D