Sunday, September 19, 2010

jumping on the bandwagon

So this is me jumping on the beauty/makeup blog bandwagon.
I couldn't help myself, it seemed too much fun.
Plus, i think people would bitch if I wrote about makeup on my usual blog.
So, yea.
teehee so excited~
Plus, here i can follow all the beauty blogs that I want and have a reading list that's far too long =D
So i'm a makeup noob.
But hey you gotta start somehwere right?

and so to jump on the bandwagon more
here's a photo of my eye makeup from the other day:

I can't remember what products i used... lol ^^;;;;
But I'll start noting them down from now on...



  1. welcome to blogger world!

    thats a very pretty smokey there! looking forward to more of your posts ^^